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Obligate Symbiosis Definition
'Known also as mutualism, takes place when two different species live interdependently in a mutually beneficial relationship in a way that one cannot survive without the other.'
Set in the near future, Obligate Symbiosis explores a modern breakthrough in medicine which allows a symbiotic relationship to develop between plants and humans. Growing flowers and plants on our skin, initially for aesthetic reasons, also provides us with a source of energy and changes the way we perceive reality. Daniel, a young professional living in the city, remains reluctant to try what the press are calling a 'controversial new drug'. After giving the kiss of life to a dying woman, Daniel catches a deadly virus. This sets him on a journey to try to find acceptance in the face of death. The symbiosis gives him just that.

Ologobligate Symbiosis is a not-for-profit short film that aims to reconnect people living in the cities with nature. The project helps us to combine our love for nature with our passion for filmmaking. Plants have the capacity to transform solar energy into fruits, vegetables, and leaves. Directly or indirectly all animals depend on this transformed energy for survival.The concept explored in the story consists of a technique that allows the planting of small seeds of flowers/plants under the human skin. The body accepts them while they feed of the blood, the same our hair does. Initially used as aesthetics, (similarly to tattoos) they become our main source of energy, which means one would need very little food to survive. How our economies would be affected and what would food corporations think of this 'new drug'?



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Psychological Thriller

15-17 minutes

England, UK

October 2013